Who's Bastián Earth?

Hi, I’m Bastián!

I’m an impact entrepreneur.

A simple human being that believes in a vegan future.

A future without animal suffering.

A future where nature, animals and humans all live together in peace.

Because at the end of the day, I'm motivated by this simple idea..

"The root of all evil and oppression is the idea that some lives matter more than others."

Now imagine a world where all children on this planet grow-up being told that the life of a fish which you never meet should be treated with the same amount of respect as the life of a dog.

And that a pig or a chicken should be allowed to live a life without any human exploitation or oppression.

Now, do you think that those children will grow up and ever suppress another human being if they think that all species or all beings are equal regardless of how they look or if they had feathers or wings?

Do you think our children would learn to respect all life including the life of humans?

Think about it.

It's a good question to ask yourself.

And in case you're wondering..

The creation of this book is financed by my company Wild Audience. At Wild Audience we accelerate business growth by automating relationships through Respect-Based Marketing.

At Wild Audience we believe in a vegan world. And that is why we invest 33% of our profits into vegan projects with the aim to help create the future.

The future is vegan and The Vegan Conversation Guide is the first of the mainy projects to come to create the future we are all so excited about.

Come and join me to help others to be the change we want to see in the world.





For the people who just skip to the end of this page (don’t worry, I do it sometimes too), here's the deal..

I have created a very long and in-depth conversation guide on helping you answer all questions & objections about veganism.

If you're curious, you can check it out here.

It's 115 pages..

Covering 38 objections..

"It's absolutely awesome."
(but I'm also a little bit biased..)

The Future Is Vegan.
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