The book to win every vegan conversation..

This is a non-profit book.

Ever had a conversation about veganism with a friend but you weren't happy the way you answered his/her question?

Leaving you frustrated or sometimes even angry with yourself?

Sounds kind of familiar?

Well ..

.. As I turned vegan, people started to ask me why I turned vegan.

They had all these questions and I felt like I did a terrible job answering them.

It was frustrating.

Extremely frustrating to be honest as I felt in my heart that being vegan is the right thing to do but I was not able to articulate what I felt.

I was disappointed in myself.

I hated not being able to answer people’s objections in a way that leaves them with fact-based information to take independent & educated decisions.

After countless dinners passed by and I continued to struggle to answer questions in a way I wanted to..

..I decided to change this.

I decided to read into the topic, educate myself about food production, ethics & animal well-being, health implications & environmental impact.

I wanted to know it all.

And I have put it all together into this book.

A book that covers the 38 most common questions & objections your friends, family and strangers will have for you ..

"But what about protein?"

"We are on top of the food chain. It's normal to eat meat!"

"It's part of our tradition.."

I have done extensive research to come up with the best possible answer for each of these questions.

Leaving you with a beautiful designed book which you can read on holidays, at home or bring to a dinner party.

It allows you to answer with confidence and ease..

To change the way your environment thinks about veganism or a plant-based diet.

By purchasing my book you support my non-profit project. I won't earn a single penny with this book.

The price is calculated based on the costs to print the book (14,98€), the shipping costs (5,80€ for EU countries) and VAT taxes I have to pay.

The price for this book is 24,95€.

We selected high quality paper and printing to make the book look good. The size of the book is perfect to take with you on a vacation or put on your coffee table. 

If you want to order a second book for a family member or friend, you can select to order multiple copies.

Once I run out of books, I will close this page.

If you really want to upgrade your knowledge on veganism to be able to answer any question about veganism, then this is your book.

Thanks for your support! 

Thanks for supporting my non-profit project.
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